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Community Engagement and PR

Community Engagement and PR

Our community engagement managers and PR wonder makers are the voice of Testlio. Working as ambassadors for #lovetesting, our community team is pioneering the mindset about how cool (and sexy) testing is. Testlio’s entire service is based on bettering the careers of testers, and our community team is simultaneously spreading the world about what an engaging and rewarding career testing really is.

Here’s why. Testing has the power to completely change the way you think, how you problem solve, and how you present your results and ideas. It’s a form of investigative science that shouldn’t be undervalued or unnoticed.

We’re taking care of our internal community of testers and building a greater community of external testers, QA managers, and engineers who are all devoted to reinvigorating this industry and casting it in a whole new light. We let our testers know that not only do we value their experience, but we want them to feel like part of the Testlio team—and to have fun testing. This positivity and respect represents a key way that our community team attracts top talent from around the world.

Spreading the new reality that testing is interesting and challenging is a form of education, but it’s more than that too. The community team isn’t only pushing our values and principles and motivations out, but we’re also bringing like-minded people in. Being a part of the community team means having the opportunity to value diversity, celebrate internal milestones, reward testers, attend top events, engage a larger community, alter mindsets, and grow our talented team.

Upgrade world-renowned apps with us

We help connect people with better apps by connecting dev teams to top testing

Cultivate responsiveness

Micromanaging is not our style, and neither is being static. We want you to do your job better than the way it was described.

Work with spirited people

As a multicultural, global company with some seriously skilled remote assets, there are plenty of rewarding moments.

Commit to meaningful service

Bugs are more than annoying. We improve critical apps deployed by the world’s most creative teams and help deliver excellent user experience.

Join us in Tallinn or San Francisco

Even though we’re spread across the world, we still celebrate wins together. Every summer our whole team meets in Estonia to work as a single unit. We follow it up with a summer-camp like weekend, bonfires included.