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Product Design and Engineering

Product Design and Engineering

Engineers at Testlio work in small product focused teams, alongside designers, product managers and whoever they need to work independently and efficiently. We strive to make our teams as independent as possible, by giving them control over their own goals and enabling them to release and maintain applications without dependencies across the organization.

Our teams are taking on challenges in growing our community of testers, increasing the quality of their work, intelligently allocating resources across our customers’ projects, and integrating with their internal systems to deliver results seamlessly. We want to build elegant and scalable solutions to these problems and are looking for talented people to join us.

Our code lives on Github and we use pull requests to peer review all code before it makes it to production. We practice continuous deployment to quickly prototype and try out new ideas. We embrace open source software in our applications, contribute to it, and publish our own tools as well.

We believe engineering is more than a job. We aim to keep our code clean, modular, and testable and our API’s well documented. We are continuously striving to improve and perfect not just our code, but the processes and tools that make development as efficient as possible.

At Testlio, engineers are involved in the overall customer experience at every stage. Our engineers make it all possible: a reliable platform used by hundreds of testers, seamless integrations with the customer’s own bug tracking and development tools, and the overall fulfillment of the awesome service we aim to provide.

Upgrade world-renowned apps with us

We help connect people with better apps by connecting dev teams to top testing

Cultivate responsiveness

Micromanaging is not our style, and neither is being static. We want you to do your job better than the way it was described.

Work with spirited people

As a multicultural, global company with some seriously skilled remote assets, there are plenty of rewarding moments.

Commit to meaningful service

Bugs are more than annoying. We improve critical apps deployed by the world’s most creative teams and help deliver excellent user experience.

Join us in Tallinn or San Francisco

Even though we’re spread across the world, we still celebrate wins together. Every summer our whole team meets in Estonia to work as a single unit. We follow it up with a summer-camp like weekend, bonfires included.